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Yorgen Q Kvinsland, founder and principal artist of ArtStruct, leads each project with a constant eye on the important relationship between form and function.

Over the years, Yorgen's training has juggled back and forth between the formal and the practical, marrying high quality craft with heartfelt artistic theory. Born to artists, Yorgen was encouraged and inspired at an early age to develop his artistic sensibilities and skills in drawing, ceramics, and woodworking. Living in Seattle and taking part in the art glass movement of the early 1990s, Yorgen developed an appeal for that medium. His undergraduate work at California College of the Arts allowed him to explore creativity in other media, as well as further his study of compositional theory and art history. Yorgen has received top honors educationally and artistically, including the Grand Prize award for his glass sculpture "Opening" at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea in 2002.

Yorgen founded ArtStruct in 2006 with the premise that fine craftsmanship and artistic expression could be combined in producing beautiful, yet highly functional and durable, art doors. After a thorough study of the technical aspects of blending art and traditional woodcraft, Yorgen began his journey with ArtStruct. From sourcing quality materials, to working on artistic collaborations with other artists, to materializing designs that reflect the client's inspiration, Yorgen is enjoying every step of the way.

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