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CONSTRUCTION... discovering a wealth of special features

Artwork - ArtStruct maintains a collection of original artwork available to work into any custom ArtStruct door, as well as a list of artists who can be commissioned to create an original artwork for one of our doors. Special attention is given to the selection of artwork so that it is durable and weather resistant. The ArtStruct collection features art comprised of glass, bronze, ceramics, wood and more. See our collective of Artists.

A client may select artwork from the ArtStruct collection or work from an artist of their choosing. If a client would like to use work from an artist not on the ArtStruct list, we can provide a dimensional template and list of approved materials.

Every Door an Original - Each ArtStruct door is an original, authenticated with an ArtStruct insignia branded into the door edge.

Recycled and Sustainable Materials - For the main grid design, ArtStruct doors utilize off-cuts and odd-sized wood pieces that are unusable for other construction purposes. The blocks for the grid can be made from any wood, hard or soft, as the grid by nature is structurally strong. Please note that for environmental reasons, rainforest hardwoods will not be used unless it is waster and unusable for another purpose.

For the door frame, where stability and strength are required, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Redwood or Vertical Grain Douglass Fir are used.

Craftsmanship - ArtStruct Art Doors are crafted, rather than manufactured. They are constructed to last for generations. See our Process.

The door frames are held together mechanically through the time-honored tradition of mortise and tenon. Art inclusions float in a slot/rabbet that is cut into the block grid. The variety of art materials and wood grain direction sets the construction of these doors apart from the usual frame and panel. Special consideration must be made for the added movement.