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Wood For Sale

An important facet of ArtStruct's business is the acquisition and management of premium wood sources for use in entrance construction. While many of the choice pieces find their way into our creations, at times there is enough to sell to the public as well.

When excess stock is available, it will be posted on this section of the website. As the supply of high quality wood is dwindling, the duration of this supply is not guaranteed. Purchase your piece of redwood history!

Contact ArtStruct to place an order for existing pieces, or request a quote on a custom order.

Slab Set A

These unique and rare old-growth redwood slabs come from a 400 year-old tree, logged in an eco-sustainable fashion by a private Mendocino Coast land-owner who selectively logged the tree from a transitional zone on the edge of the Pygmy forest. The mineral-rich soil of the Pygmy results in wood that is sought after for its special coloring and streaky, dark hues (most redwood is lighter, more pale, and uniform in color). This wood features tight growth rings and only small knots (none loose).   

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